Don’t Let Your Keurig Grow Mold: How to Keep Your Coffee Maker Clean

You want your morning espresso, however you’ll be able to’t muster the power to dress and go to the native cafe. Luckily, your Keurig is true there in your kitchen, able to make you a contemporary cup of morning joe. You would possibly use your Keurig on daily basis, however when’s the final time you cleaned it?

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If you permit your Keurig soiled for lengthy sufficient, it may well have an effect on the efficiency of your espresso machine, and even the style of your espresso. And worse, it may even be harboring mould and micro organism. Fortunately, it is fairly simple to offer each inch of your Keurig the eye that it deserves. 

We’ve damaged down every little thing it’s worthwhile to find out about cleansing all of the components of your Keurig espresso maker, from cleansing the drip trays to the brewing mechanisms and even the skin of your machine. For extra, this is our picks for the highest espresso makers of 2024 and what to find out about Keurig’s new compostable espresso pods. 

Don’t let the espresso pods sit for days at a time

One of one of the best issues that you are able to do in your Keurig is deal with it gently while you’re utilizing it, particularly in the event you’re utilizing it on daily basis. For occasion, take away used espresso pods as soon as they’ve cooled down, and attempt to instantly handle any spills or drips. Coffee, as soon as brewed, can develop mould — and you do not need that sitting in your Keurig pod holder.

Wipe down the skin of your Keurig

You can start your Keurig cleansing course of by gently wiping down the skin of your espresso machine with a heat, damp material or paper towel. Not solely does Keurig advocate wiping down your espresso pot each day, it is a actually easy step to combine into your each day cleansing routine. Just ensure that your espresso pot is absolutely turned off and unplugged earlier than you start cleansing. 

Wash the drip tray

Keurig additionally recommends a each day wash in your drip tray, which catches drips out of your espresso maker and spills. The drip tray can be vulnerable to unseemly espresso stains. You can hand wash your drip tray with a little bit of heat water and dish cleaning soap. 

Tackle the water reservoir and matching lid

Yet once more, Keurig recommends cleansing this aspect of your espresso maker each day. Like the drip tray, you’ll be able to sort out this by hand washing the water reservoir and corresponding lid with heat water and dish cleaning soap. Or, relying in your espresso maker, you’ll be able to wash each the reservoir and lid in your dishwasher. Just be sure you take away any water filters when you have any in your water reservoir. 

Plus, contemporary chilly water in your Keurig machine each day tastes means higher than days-old water.

Wash the espresso carafe and basket

If you might have a Ok-Duo espresso pot, which means you might have one further step in the case of each day care. You’ll want to scrub the espresso carafe and basket in the event you’ve brewed a conventional cup of espresso. Like the water reservoir you’ll be able to wash the carafe and basket by hand, or relying in your espresso maker, you’ll be able to put them within the dishwasher.  

Clean the pod holder 

The pod holder might be one of many grossest items of your Keurig machine. It’s the implement that holds your espresso pod, and may accumulate used espresso grounds. If not cleaned considerably commonly, it may well turn out to be very gross very quick, and as talked about above, develop mould. Keurig advises cleansing this implement weekly however we propose wiping it down each day if it appears to be like gross. 

The pod-holder meeting (PHA) will have to be faraway from the Keurig earlier than it may be cleaned. You can do that by grabbing the rim of the meeting and gently pulling it out. You’ll additionally must detach the pod holder from the hooked up funnel by pulling the 2 items aside. Be cautious of sharp exit needles when cleansing these items. 

Keurig advises rinsing with water, however it could not damage to wash away any clearly gross stains or stuck-on espresso grounds — particularly if that is the primary time you have cleaned it. 

Give your Keurig a full rinse

To hold your Keurig operating easily for so long as potential, you may need to do a daily cleansing brew, or a course of referred to as descaling. Essentially, descaling is the method of eradicating buildup. By not cleansing your Keurig’s brewing mechanisms commonly (Keurig formally recommends doing this quarterly) the buildup in your brewing mechanism can start to have an effect on the style of your espresso. 

The first step you may must take is to run sizzling water via your espresso maker. You can do that by operating your Keurig such as you would in the event you have been brewing a cup of espresso, however with out a espresso pod. 

Next, you might have two choices. You can both descale your espresso maker with a mix of 1 half vinegar and one half water, or you need to use Keurig’s personal descaling answer. Pour your descaling answer of selection into the reservoir, and run your Keurig as you usually would. After the machine is finished, you may need to let it relaxation for about 45 minutes. 

We advocate operating plain water via your Keurig a number of occasions after descaling your machine to fight a vinegar-y style. The very last thing you need after spending this a lot time cleansing your Keurig is a ruined espresso.

For extra cleansing suggestions, this is find out how to make a pure, all-purpose cleaner with three elements and find out how to speed-clean your kitchen in lower than quarter-hour.

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