How to Track Your Sleep Using Your Fitbit

With your Fitbit bought and charged up, you possibly can merely place it by your cellphone, then open the Fitbit app for Android or iOS, and you need to see a immediate to attach the system—supplied Bluetooth is enabled in your cellphone. All of your bodily actions will then begin to be logged and synced mechanically to the app.

Track Your Sleep

You needn’t press a button or activate a toggle change on your Fitbit system to begin logging your sleep; it does so mechanically as soon as it acknowledges your physique goes into sleep mode. It’ll report naps of an hour or longer, too. In a way, all you need to do to trace your sleep with a Fitbit is to put on it.

There’s a bit bit extra to find out about it. Your Fitbit can be sensible sufficient to detect stressed sleep via the way in which your physique’s shifting, and in case your wearable has a coronary heart fee monitor inbuilt, it is aware of what to search for to inform the distinction between mild, deep, and REM sleep. (There’s extra on this on Google’s web site.) When your Fitbit feels you shifting in ways in which would not be doable when you had been asleep, the sleep logging is stopped.

Screenshot of sleep tracking app displaying duration score and other stats

Your sleep stats seem on the Today tab, and you may edit settings.

Photograph: David Nield

Open up the Today tab within the Fitbit app to see the sleep you logged final evening, in hours and minutes. If you faucet on the sleep card, you possibly can see your stats going again over time, for a number of months or perhaps a yr. You’re capable of toggle between Hours slept and Sleep schedule utilizing the buttons underneath the charts.

If your system has a coronary heart fee monitor, which all however the oldest Fitbits do, you get a sleep rating as effectively: This weighs a number of components, like the quantity of shifting you probably did in the course of the evening and the quantity of deep sleep you bought, to offer you a quantity as much as 100. The increased that is, the higher you are doing when it comes to sleep.

Keep tapping via on the stats to see extra particulars—which occasions of evening you had been in deep or mild sleep, for instance. If you are a Fitbit Premium subscriber, you get a Sleep Profile studying too: This makes use of varied sleep metrics to let you know about traits in your sleep patterns, and the way they examine to different individuals of your age and gender.

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