Incredibly detailed rip-off relabels RTX 3080 Ti playing cards as RTX 4090

WTF?! A tech restore channel lately acquired its arms on what gave the impression to be an unboxed however model new Asus TUF GeForce RTX 4090 with that recent protecting movie on and every thing. However, upon cracking it open, they found one thing that left them floored – the GPU was really an RTX 3080 Ti disguised in unbelievable element.

The GPU inside wasn’t Nvidia’s newest AD102 “Ada Lovelace” chip powering the RTX 4090. Instead, it was an older GA102 die from the RTX 3080 Ti, repackaged and relabeled to appear to be the brand new flagship. The scammers used the GA102 as a result of it was pin-compatible with the AD102.

The channel, Northwestrepair, grew skeptical after they discovered that the core resistance was extremely excessive, “virtually as if the core wasn’t even there.” Examining it additional revealed that the cardboard was something however new. The channel discovered a large scrape on the board and a lifeless quick on one part. Furthermore, the counterfeiters had swapped a number of the reminiscence modules on the board for decrease capability 256MB chips moderately than the 2GB GDDR6X items the 4090 makes use of.

Fooling somebody by passing off an older or repurposed GPU is not new. Over the years, we have seen loads of instances of scammers attempting to dump used playing cards, put up faux listings, swap out parts, and customarily use no matter dirty ways they’ll to make a fast buck. However, this RTX 4090 scheme stands out for a way a lot effort went into the rip-off.

For one, the counterfeiters polished off the die markings on the GA102 chip and laser-etched faux RTX 4090 AD102 labeling. Their alternative for the die swap was impeccable because the GA102 and AD102 are almost equivalent in measurement – only a few millimeters distinction – making it simpler to swap one for the opposite undetected.

The scammers had been taking a look at a tidy revenue from the faux playing cards. The RTX 4090 retails for $1,599, whereas the older 3080 Ti prices round $700. The scammers focused patrons, hoping they would not scrutinize the GPU too carefully.

In April, Northwestrepair uncovered an analogous rip-off through which a buyer who purchased a used GeForce RTX 4090 off Facebook Marketplace discovered it stripped of most of its important parts. Graphics playing cards are in excessive demand, so these scams aren’t going away.

The ethical of the story is to be extraordinarily cautious when shopping for GPUs, particularly from resellers and fewer respected sources. Unless you may fastidiously examine the cardboard in particular person, it is best to keep away from too-good-to-be-true offers.

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