The Download: milk past cows, and geoengineering’s funding growth

The outbreak of avian influenza on US dairy farms has began to make milk appear loads much less healthful. Milk that’s uncooked, or unpasteurized, can truly infect mice that drink it, and some dairy staff have already caught the bug. 

The FDA says that industrial milk is protected as a result of it’s pasteurized, killing the germs. Even so, it’s sufficient to make an individual ponder a life past milk—say, taking your espresso black or perhaps ingesting oat milk.

But for these of us who cannot do with out the actual factor, it seems some genetic engineers are engaged on methods to maintain the milk and eliminate the cows as an alternative. Here’s how they’re doing it.

—Antonio Regalado

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This London non-profit is now one of many greatest backers of geoengineering analysis

A London-based nonprofit is poised to change into one of many world’s largest monetary backers of photo voltaic geoengineering analysis. It’s simply one among a rising variety of foundations wanting to assist scientists exploring whether or not the world might ease local weather change by reflecting away extra daylight.

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