The Download: The downside with police bodycams, and the way to make helpful robots

When police departments first began shopping for and deploying bodycams within the wake of the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, a decade in the past, activists hoped it might result in actual change.

Years later, regardless of what’s grow to be a multibillion-dollar marketplace for these gadgets, the tech is much from a panacea. Most of the huge reams of footage they generate go unwatched.  Officers typically do not use them correctly. And in the event that they do lastly present video to the general public, it’s typically selectively edited, missing context and failing to inform the entire story.

A handful of AI startups see this downside as a chance to create what are primarily bodycam-to-text applications for various gamers within the authorized system, mining this footage for misdeeds. But just like the bodycams themselves, the expertise nonetheless faces procedural, authorized, and cultural obstacles to success. Read the total story.

—Patrick Sisson

Three causes robots are about to grow to be extra means helpful

The holy grail of robotics for the reason that subject’s starting has been to construct a robotic that may do our house responsibilities. But for a very long time, that has simply been a dream. While roboticists have been capable of get robots to do spectacular issues within the lab, these feats have not translated to the messy realities of our houses.

Thanks to AI, that is now altering. Robots are beginning to grow to be able to doing duties comparable to folding laundry, cooking and unloading purchasing baskets, which not too way back had been seen as virtually unattainable duties. 

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