Today’s NYT Connections Hints & Answer – Help for May 9, #333

Need the solutions for the May 9 New York Times Connections puzzle? To me, Wordle is extra of a vocabulary take a look at, however Connections is extra of a brainteaser. You’re given 16 phrases and requested to place them into 4 teams which are by some means related. Sometimes they’re apparent, however the recreation editor is aware of find out how to trick you by utilizing phrases that may slot in a couple of group. 

And do you additionally play Wordle? We’ve acquired right now’s Wordle reply and hints too.

How to play Connections

Playing is simple. Winning is tough. Look on the 16 phrases and mentally assign them to associated teams of 4. Click on the 4 phrases you assume go collectively. The teams are coded by colour, although you do not know what goes the place till you see the solutions. The yellow group is the simplest, then inexperienced, then blue, and purple is the hardest. Look on the phrases rigorously, and take into consideration associated phrases. Sometimes the connection has to do with simply part of the phrase. Once, 4 phrases have been grouped as a result of every began with the title of a rock band, together with “Rushmore” and “Journeyman.”

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Hints for right now’s Connections teams

Here are 4 hints for the groupings in right now’s Connections puzzle, ranked from the simplest, yellow group to the robust (and generally weird) purple group.

Yellow group trace: Shut it up.

Green group trace: Span.

Blue group trace: Administer or management.

Purple group trace: Perry from Phineas and Ferb.

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Answers for right now’s Connections teams

Yellow group: Container closures.

Green group: Duration.

Blue group: Regulate.

Purple group: Trademarks of a platypus.

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What are right now’s Connections solutions?

The yellow phrases in right now’s Connections

The theme is container closures. The 4 phrases are cap, cork, lid and tab.

The inexperienced phrases in right now’s Connections

The theme is length. The 4 phrases are interval, spell, stretch and time.

The blue phrases in right now’s Connections

The theme is regulate. The 4 phrases are examine, include, curb and restrict.

The purple phrases in right now’s Connections

The theme is logos of a platypus. The 4 phrases are invoice, egg, fur and venom.

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